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aiPunks is a revolutionary project, utilizing cutting-edge technology to generate uniquely customized, and one-of-a-kind digital avatars with a wide variety of attributes.

aiPunks operates with five primary types of punk avatars - Male, Female, Alien, Ape, and Zombie. A digital punk's attributes are a combination of multiple elements, including eyes, facial hair, mouth, neck, earrings, glasses, head, mask, and the smoking effect. Depending on the type of punk, the attribute variation and distribution differ significantly.

The aiPunks are generated for each user and can not be changed, exchanged or modified. They also act as a security feature, ever fear your logged into a phishing site? Double check your unique avatar to know your connected securely with our site before entering your credit card or personal information.

aiPunks - Breakdown

Male Punks

Male punks have diverse attributes. Eyes can have 12 variants each with an approximately 8.3% chance of occurrence. Facial hair also exhibits a wide variety with 12 different possibilities each having around an 8.3% likelihood. The neck has two options with an even 50-50 distribution, while the head offers a whopping 24 options with each having a 4.2% chance.

Female Punks

Female punks offer a unique mix of attributes. For the eyes, there are 13 possible options each with a 7.7% likelihood, while mouth attribute has three lipstick shades with approximately a 33.3% chance each. There's also a higher variation in the 'head' attribute with 30 options each having a probability of 3.3%.

Alien Punks

Alien punks, as expected, are quite unique. They only offer attributes for earrings, glasses, and head. The glasses and head have five and seven different variants, respectively. The glasses variant probability is 50-50, whereas each head variant has a 14.3% likelihood.

Ape Punks

Ape punks keep it straightforward. While they have limited options in glasses and head, with each of the 8 glasses having a 12.5% chance, and each of the 10 head variants holding a 10% chance, every Ape punk will be assigned a pair of earrings and a type of neck.

Zombie Punks

Zombie punks add a horror twist. Facial hair gets a 14.3% chance for each of the 7 variants, glasses have 9 variants each with an 11.1% chance, and the head attribute comes with 20 variants each holding a 5% chance.

All the punks might also have a unique attribute - smoke, with three variants, each holding an equal chance of approximately 33.3%.

Every punk is generated following these probabilities, leading to a vast universe of highly diverse and distinct digital avatars, making aiPunks a unique mix of art and technology.

How it works

aiPunks uses a weighted probabilistic model to assign attributes to each generated punk. Each punk type has a unique set of attribute probabilities, which ensures a wide variety of punks. Once a punk type is selected, the attributes for that punk are randomly chosen based on the pre-defined attribute probabilities. Each of these attributes is then layered onto the base image to create the final punk.

Our model's probabilistic nature ensures that each punk is unique and adds an element of surprise and excitement.

Ownership and Originality

Each aiPunk generated is original and unique. Owners can claim complete ownership of their punk, knowing that their punk is one of a kind. So welcome to the aiPunks family, where technology meets creativity to create your digital identity.

Created: Aug. 4, 2023, 8:29 p.m.